How to Draw A Realistic Mountain

Welcome to the website everybody! I’ve been thinking about updating this website, since it’s been a long time. This also means that I will be updating the old tutorials here. Hopefully everything turns out to be awesome, and hoping to help you guys with drawing moutains. Tell you what, my usual websites are not like this, so let’s fix it up. Remember to leave comments, and be sure to help me out on what I should fix. Remember, if you want, contact me if you want to share some of your tutorials on the website. Wouldn’t mind doing so. I do need some unique tutorials here.

So I’ve found this drawing tutorial on Youtube, and hopefully I will find more drawing tutorials on the web. I’ve been browsing through some helpful websites like Dragoart, and will in the future share some of their tutorials. Right now, I’m just posting Youtube videos that will possibly help you with your drawing problems. This Youtube video is very popular on… well Youtube, and thought I might make it even more popular. It’s quite worth the share. Just to warn you, it is a spead drawing, so you might have to pause the video a lot to see the steps of what he’s doing. Hope you like!

So what did you think of that video? It was pretty sweet huh? Well, don’t worry, I will soon share some step by step tutorials if I find some on the web. I don’t like video tutorials as much either. I’m old school with the drawing books. I like it when people show you step by step how to draw something. It’s more easier on the eye. I don’t feel like moving my eyeballs just to see what the artist is doing. It’s dumb… If you find any tutorials or want to share any, let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me. Thank you!